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Holidays in Turkey

Visiting Turkey

Holidays in Turkey Every year more than two million tourists from the UK visit Turkey and a lot of them are owners of property in Antalya. Now let's look what you should know before going to this country. Entry requirements into Turkey First of all you, you need to get a visa to enter Turkey. All British nationals are required to obtain a visa before going to...

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Visa to Turkey

Holidays in Turkey Britons need to obtain a visa to go to Turkey before their travel except those citizens who arrive to a port city and stay there no longer than 72 hours. There are several types of visas in accordance of the purpose of visit. If you are traveling for touristic or business purposes, you need to obtain a short-term visa which is valid 90 days within...

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Cost of living in Turkey

Holidays in Turkey Living in Turkey Turkey can offer you favorable environment and climate, comfortable accommodation, and affordable prices on food, clothes and other goods. As anywhere else, the cost of living depends on the location and your own preferences. The life in rural areas will be cheaper than in big cities. But generally, we can say that the life in Turkey is not very...

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