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Getting a residence permit in Turkey

Is it possible to issue a residence permit for family members?

Getting a residence permit in Turkey This is possible in case of marriage to a Turkish citizen, and for the family of a foreigner. As a rule, if one family member has received a residence permit, he can issue permits for other relatives: spouse, children under 18 years old. Other relatives may also obtain a residence permit, but this requires that the owner has received Turkish...

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How to extend a residence permit in Turkey?

Getting a residence permit in Turkey Initially you request for a residence permit for a period of not more than one year. You can apply within one day if you have all the necessary documents, including medical insurance (1 year). Now a residence permit looks like card in the size of a driving license with different codes and chips, its manufacturing is carried out in Ankara....

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If there is possibility to get Turkish citizenship after the purchase of real estate?

Getting a residence permit in Turkey Today, an increasing number of foreigners have started the procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship due to a warmer climate, high level of service, excellent amenities and environment, great opportunities. Especially that to get Turkish citizenship is not so difficult. You can apply for Turkish citizenship, if you have lived in Turkey more than...

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