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Does buying real estate give right to its owner to get a legal job?

Unfortunately, it does not. Buying an apartment or house by itself does not give legal right to work. But if you legally register your company here, being its owner or co-owner, you will have the full right to work in Turkey.

In the future, you will also have the right to get Turkish pension (of course, if you regularly pay for your insurance). Or you need to find a Turkish employer who will collect and send the documentation for a work visa. You should start looking for a job in Turkey beforehand. In any case, the purchase of real estate significantly simplify the job search, it will be your advantage because for the employer it is much more profitable to hire a person with his/her own housing in Turkey than to pay extra for accommodation.

You should keep in mind that in Turkey any job without a working permission is considered absolutely illegal, which entails heavy fines. So do not risk your money and furthermore reputation. In fact, if you buy a property in Turkey, you can eventually get citizenship. Having Turkish citizenship there will be no issues with legal employment.

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