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Do I need written consent from relatives for buying real estate?

No, you do not have to worry about it at all. If you really want to buy real estate in Turkey right now - you can do it without anybody’s permission. You do not need consent from relatives or your spouse to initiate buying procedure of any property you have chosen either a villa or a penthouse or an apartment. You are absolutely free to do as you wish.

Choosing Turkey for the purchase of real estate, you can't go wrong, as not only residential, but commercial properties are much cheaper than in many cities of the Russian Federation. But the level of life and service fully complies with European standards. More than that, ecology in Turkey is good, so it is wonderful place not only for spending holidays, but also for living qualitative life.

Besides, there is nothing to fear of. Everything is legal, and you have nothing to lose. If still you are not be able to agree with your relatives or spouse about a trip or moving your home, you will anyway make a good investment. Property prices in Turkey are constantly going up. You can after some time profitably resell the purchased housing or rent it out, earning good money.

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