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Buying property in Turkey

Property prices in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey Property market in Turkey is considered to be one of the cheapest in Europe. Therefore, this destination is very popular among foreigners. Every year more and more people buy cheap property in Turkey. The most popular regions are Istanbul and the coastal line of Turkey, especially the Mediterranean resorts. As a rule, property here is more...

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Luxury property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey When you buy a property in Turkey you become an owner of your own piece of paradise in the country which is famous for its sunny weather, white sandy beaches, pine forests and breathtaking views of the mountains. It is known that Turkey is very friendly towards foreigners who are willing to buy property there and it offers a great variety of real...

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Is a resale property tax paid in Turkey? And, what are the rates?

Buying property in Turkey Legal information concerning property in Turkey Yes, the income earned from the resale of the property is taxed in the Turkish Republic. If the owner is a legal entity, this tax is 20%. As for individuals, they are not obliged to pay this tax, if they owned the property for more than five years. But the tax on acquisition of real estate, which is 4%, in any case must be paid in equal shares by...

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Is it expensive to maintain the purchased property in Turkey?

Buying property in Turkey If you have decided to purchase real estate in Turkey, be prepared not only to spend on the purchase, but also the annual costs for its maintenance. All costs of the property maintaining can be divided into three groups: taxes; utility payments; maintenance fee (aydat). Property tax is paid each year. The amount of tax depends on the...

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What are the payment options for purchased property?

Buying property in Turkey In case you do not have full amount, you can use offers of construction companies or Turkish banks: payment by installments or mortgage. Installment payment. This option is possible when buying real estate off-plan that is on the construction stage. Downpayment is 30%. The remaining amount is made in installments until completion of construction....

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What privileges does purchasing property in Turkey give?

Buying property in Turkey Foreign individuals can now buy a houses in Turkey, especially since this purchase gives certain privileges. And, the main privilege is the right to obtain initial residence permit. If there is continuous extension of residence permit for five years, you can carefully prepare and then submit the documents for obtaining Turkish citizenship. One of...

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How to buy a property in Turkey?

Buying property in Turkey In many countries buying properties for making investments is a very complicated process which may take a lot of time and money. However, in Turkey, you can do it much easier. It is almost like buying an apartment in your own country. It became possible due to the act on an acquisition of immovable properties by foreigners. This act simplified the...

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What are the perspectives of buying a property in Turkey?

Buying property in Turkey Turkish property is promising promising from an investment point of view. The property costs are growing steadily: for the last four years the price has been increased up to 80 percent! Investors from different countries prefer to invest in properties of this country. Turkey is a kind of investment oasis which despite the crisis in 2008-2011 grew...

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