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Homes in Alanya: your perfect holidays by the sea

Today Turkey is a country that is known for rather low property prices, good climate, and magnificent landscapes. Considering all these facts, Turkey is actually one of the best countries to invest in. And Alanya is one of its touristic gems. This place attracts millions of tourists every year by offering them about 320 sunny days, fresh sea air, warm turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Turkish Riviera and perfectly clean white sand beaches. And you have a chance to become an owner of your own paradise buying a home in Alanya.

Why to buy a house in Alanya?

Buying a house in a foreign country is a serious decision. Here are the most important points that won’t leave you any doubts to make a purchase.

  • Affordable prices. Comparing with other European countries where you can buy property by the sea, Turkey, and Alanya in particular, offers one of the lowest house prices. In Alanya a home will cost you in average € 50.000 when for example in Spain you will have to pay at least €70.000.
  • Wide choice. Here you will find a house that will meet all your demands.
  • Environment. Located in the Taurus Mountains on the Mediterranean coast of the country, this city is known for its numerous beaches marked with Blue flags which guarantee perfectly clean water and beaches equipped with absolutely everything needed for comfortable holidays.
  • Profitable investment. Buying a house in Alanya, you get not only an opportunity to spend your holidays by the sea without booking hotels and other fuss. You get an opportunity to receive additional income by renting your new house out, so that you will be able to cover all costs in five years.

How to buy a house in Alanya

Visit our website where you can select home options and contact our specialists who will answer all your questions. After that you will have a property viewing tour in Alanya. During this tour you will be able to choose a home that will meet all your demands. And our experienced team will do all paper work so you won’t have to worry about anything.